International folk festival and fair with craft demonstrations and various programmes.
The central event of the Festival is the craft people’s expo and open-air market where visitors can watch the process of creating a new craft piece from beginning to end.

Daytime: archers’ demonstration, musical clown, horse riding, dance parties, playing field, vine-celebration, local gastronomically important specialities: kitchen of Transylvanian tastes, cooking competition, Let’s Bake something … - competition of baking traditional cakes;

Place: Odorheiu Secuiesc, Szekely Tamadt Medieval Castle

Folk camp for children and families, creative and entertaining handicraft camps for the whole family.

Wonderland is a weeklong CampFestival where parents and children to cultivate their sense of beauty, handiness, and self-confidence; we show them how they can learn while playing, and play while learning.

Workshops: introduction in the techniques of the traditional crafts;

The7 Tests of the Tale – try-outs according to legends and folk tales; acting; gastronomy; games, competitions; excursions;

Place: Odorheiu Secuiesc – Cădişeni, Zetea, Șicasău(Harghita county); 7 July-5 September.


Little Craftsmen’s House is a program which offers an everyday playful activity for children from 12 to 17 hours. The idea came from the Lonardo Grant BEADED jEUwelry project.The kids can spend their time in a very familiar atmosphere after the school programs and they can learn different handcrafts too: furniture painting; gingerbread-making; wood carving, beading ,stringing beads, straw-spinning, crewel-work, weaving etc. The program takes place in a beautiful old farmhouse with painted furniture, oven and stove, which ensures a peaceful, pleasurable environment for everyone. 

This program contains an International folk exhibition, a workshop, which ensures  an efficient community development and finally a conference, which affects all of the famous techniques which are generally used in folk art. The primary purpose of the program is the promotion of Transylvanian craftsmen to ensure their livelihood on their native land and the profound regocnition of our true values.